Mayflies (order Ephemeroptera) are an ancient group of insects whose origins go back to Carboniferous. Their life cycle consists of aquatic eggs and larvae and terrestrial „pre-adult“subimagoand sexually matured adults. The winged terrestrial stages are short-lived (they live for several hours to days). They represent a small but diversified groupof insects that occur on all continents of the world (except Antarctica and some remote islands). From Slovakia, the occurrence of 122 species from 40 genera and 16 families is reported (more than 60% of species belong to familiesBaetidae and Heptagenidae, up to 6 families are represented by only one species). From a qualitative and quantitative point of view, their larvae form an important part of the macrozoobenthos of flowing and, to a lesser extent, stagnant waters.


species of Ephemeroptera barcoded from Slovakia

  • AquaBOL team
  • Dr. Tomáš Derka (Ephemeroptera expert)
  • Rúfusová et al. 2017
  • Šporka, F., et al. 2003
  • Mišíková Elexová, E. et al. 2010
  • Mišíková Elexová, E. et al. 2015
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Ameletus inopinatus Eaton, 1887
Metreletus balcanicus (Ulmer, 1920)
Ametropus fragilis Albarda, 1879
Arthroplea congener Bengtsson, 1909
Baetis alpinus Pictet, 1843-1845153BOLD:ADX3696
Baetis beskidensis Sowa, 1972
Baetis buceratus Eaton, 187040BOLD:AED0708
Baetis digitatus (Bengtsson, 1912)
Baetis fuscatus (Linnaeus, 1761)83BOLD:ACF6196
B. fuscatus20BOLD:AAM4708
Baetis gracilis Bogoescu & Tabacaru, 1957
Baetis inexpectatus (Tshernova, 1928)
Baetis liebenauae Keffermüller, 1974
Baetis lutheri Müller-Liebenau, 1967101BOLD:ACK8975
Baetis melanonyx Pictet, 1843-184550BOLD:AAY5920
Baetis muticus (Linnaeus, 1758)61BOLD:AAJ9345
B. muticus30BOLD:AAE4622
Baetis nexus Navás, 191830BOLD:AAJ9344
Baetis niger (Linnaeus, 1761)
Baetis rhodani Pictet, 1843-184562BOLD:AEC7441
B. rhodani30BOLD:AEC8691
B. rhodani40BOLD:ADX3261
B. rhodani10BOLD:AAF2829
B. rhodani40BOLD:AAM1760
B. rhodani513BOLD:AAE4621
Baetis scambus Eaton, 187080BOLD:AAJ9343
Baetis sinaicus Bogoescu, 1931
* Baetis subalpinus Bengtsson, 1917
Baetis tracheatus Keffermüller & Machel, 1967
Baetis tricolor (Tshernova, 1928)
Baetis vardarensis Ikonomov, 1962
Baetis vernus Curtis, 183450BOLD:AAM1832
B. vernus146BOLD:ACB1757
B. vernus40BOLD:ACP8603
Baetopus tenellus (Albarda, 1878)
Centroptilum luteolum (Müller, 1776)
* Cloeon cognatum Stephens, 1836
Cloeon dipterum (Linnaeus, 1761)
* Cloeon inscriptum Bengtsson, 1914
* Cloeon praetextum Bengtsson, 1915
* Cloeon simile Eaton, 1870
Procloeon bifidum (Bengtsson, 1912)11BOLD:ACL7780
P. bifidum31BOLD:AAM9815
* Procloeon nana (Bogoescu, 1951)
Procloeon ornatum Tshernova, 1928
Procloeon pennulatum (Eaton, 1885)
* Procloeon pulchrum (Eaton, 1885)
* Behningia ulmeri Lestage, 1929
Brachycercus europaeus Kluge, 1991
Brachycercus harrisellus Curtis, 1835
Caenis beskidensis Sowa, 197310BOLD:ABY2147
C. beskidensis 10BOLD:AEC7544
Caenis horaria (Linnaeus, 1758)20BOLD:AAI6827
Caenis lactea (Burmeister, 1839)
Caenis luctuosa (Burmeister, 1839)21BOLD:AAN1000
Caenis macrura Stephens, 183522BOLD:ACL7695
Caenis pseudorivulorum Keffermüller, 1960
Caenis rivulorum Eaton, 1884
Caenis robusta Eaton, 188521BOLD:ADL0824
Caenis sp.10BOLD:AEC7805
* Cercobrachys minutus (Tshernova, 1952)
Ephemerella ignita (Poda, 1761)176BOLD:AAB3693
E. ignita20BOLD:AAZ7536
Ephemerella mesoleuca (Brauer, 1857)
Ephemerella mucronata (Bengtsson, 1909)50BOLD:AAL0654
Ephemerella notata Eaton, 1887
Torleya major (Klapálek, 1905)21BOLD:AEC8826
Ephemera danica Müller, 176440BOLD:ACO8667
* Ephemera glaucops Pictet, 1843-1845
Ephemera lineata Eaton, 1870
Ephemera vulgata Linnaeus, 1758
Ecdyonurus aurantiacus (Burmeister, 1839)
Ecdyonurus carpathicus Sowa, 1973
Ecdyonurus dispar (Curtis, 1834)10BOLD:AAL5930
Ecdyonurus insignis (Eaton, 1870)80BOLD:AAM3984
Ecdyonurus macani Thomas & Sowa, 1970
Ecdyonurus picteti (Meyer-Dür, 1864)
Ecdyonurus starmachi Sowa, 1971
Ecdyonurus subalpinus Klapálek, 1907213BOLD:ACX3868
Ecdyonurus submontanus Landa, 1970
Ecdyonurus torrentis Kimmins, 1942
Ecdyonurus venosus (Fabricius, 1775)90BOLD:AAC2469
Ecdyonurus sp.40BOLD:AAY5939
Ecdyonurus sp.32BOLD:AAM2640
Ecdyonurus sp.30BOLD:AEF5905
Ecdyonurus sp.33BOLD:AAM3365
Ecdyonurus sp.10BOLD:ACQ7826
Electrogena affinis (Eaton, 1883)
Electrogena lateralis (Curtis, 1834)30BOLD:AAY5971
Electrogena quadrilineata (Landa, 1970)
Electrogena ujhelyii (Sowa, 1981)31BOLD:ACI7042
Epeorus assimilis Eaton, 1885243BOLD:AAF2291
Heptagenia coerulans Rostock, 1877
Heptagenia flava Rostock, 187783BOLD:AAM4133
* Heptagenia fuscogrisea (Retzius, 1783)
Heptagenia longicauda (Stephens, 1836)
Heptagenia sulphurea (Müller, 1776)53BOLD:AAN0946
Rhithrogena beskidensis Alba-Tercedor & Sowa, 198783BOLD:AAX8968
Rhithrogena carpatoalpina Klonowska, Olechowska, Sartori & Weichselbaumer, 1987
Rhithrogena circumtatrica Sowa & Soldán, 1986
Rhithrogena germanica Eaton, 1885
Rhithrogena gorganica Klapálek, 1907
Rhithrogena hercynia Landa, 1970
Rhithrogena iridina (Kolenati, 1859)
Rhithrogena loyolaea Navás, 1922113BOLD:ACB6360
Rhithrogena picteti Sowa, 1971
Rhithrogena podhalensis Sowa & Soldán, 1986
Rhithrogena puytoraci Sowa & Degrange, 1987
Rhithrogena savoiensis Alba-Tercedor & Sowa, 1987
Rhithrogena semicolorata (Curtis, 1834)
Rhithrogena sp.126BOLD:AAN0425
Rhithrogena sp.130BOLD:ACB4516
Rhithrogena sp.92BOLD:ACB4770
Rhithrogena sp.30BOLD:ACB5886
Isonychia ignota (Walker, 1853)
Choroterpes picteti (Eaton, 1871)
Habroleptoides confusa Sartori & Jacob, 198620BOLD:AAK5034
H. confusa50BOLD:AAM2064
H. confusa10BOLD:AEC7220
H. confusa62BOLD:AEC7221
Habrophlebia fusca (Curtis, 1834)42BOLD:AAM9478
Habrophlebia lauta Eaton, 1884
Leptophlebia marginata (Linnaeus, 1767)
Leptophlebia vespertina (Linnaeus, 1758)
Paraleptophlebia cincta (Retzius, 1835)
Paraleptophlebia submarginata (Stephens, 1835)30BOLD:AAK5109
Paraleptophlebia werneri Ulmer, 1919
* Oligoneuriella polonica Mol, 1984
Oligoneuriella rhenana (Imhoff, 1852)143BOLD:AAY5558
* Oligoneurisca borysthenica (Tshernova, 1937)
* Palingenia fuliginosa (Georgi, 1802)
Palingenia longicauda (Olivier, 1791)
Ephoron virgo (Olivier, 1791)63BOLD:AAN0647
Potamanthus luteus (Linnaeus, 1767)123 BOLD:AAM4048
Siphlonurus aestivalis (Eaton, 1903)
Siphlonurus alternatus (Say, 1824)
Siphlonurus armatus (Eaton, 1870)21BOLD:AAN0156
Siphlonurus lacustris (Eaton, 1870)
* species whose presence in Slovakia need to be verified/confirmed


Authors of pictures: Matej Žiak, Fedor Čiampor, Zuzana Čiamporová-Zaťovičová, Tomáš Čejka

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