Stoneflies (order Plecoptera) belong to the winged insects with incomplete transformation (Hemimetabola), their origin dates back to the period of the Upper Carboniferous. Today’s living stoneflies belong to two suborders, occurring in the southern (Antarctoperlaria), and northern (Arctoperlaria) hemisphere, respectively. Currently, there are more than 3,500 species that inhabit exclusively freshwater, mainly cold temperate streams. Due to low mobility and specific ecological requirements, they are characterized by a high degree of local endemism. There are 98 species known to occur in Slovakia, the richest ones are the families Nemouridae and Leuctridae. Stoneflies respond sensitively to anthropogenic interventions in streams, so they are used as biological indicators of degradation in river basins.


species of stoneflies barcoded from Slovakia

  • AquaBOL team
  • prof. Iľja Krno (Plecoptera expert)
  • Dr. Matej Žiak (Plecoptera expert)
  • Dr. Tomasz Mamos (Poland)
  • Magda Fłorkowska (student, Poland)



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* Capnia nigra (Pictet, 1833)
Capnia vidua Klapálek, 1904
Capnopsis schilleri (Rostock, 1892)
Zwicknia bifrons (Newman, 1838)
Chloroperla kisi Zwick, 1967
Chloroperla tripunctata (Scopoli, 1763)
Isoptena serricornis (Pictet, 1881)
Siphonoperla neglecta (Rostock, 1881)
Siphonoperla taurica (Pictet, 1841)
Siphonoperla torrentium (Pictet, 1841)
Xantoperla apicalis (Newman, 1836)
Leuctra albida Kempny, 189911BOLD:AAM4011
Leuctra armata Kempny, 1899
Leuctra aurita Navas, 191911BOLD:AAK9210
Leuctra autumnalis Aubert, 1948
Leuctra braueri Kempny, 1898 11BOLD:AAJ2415
Leuctra bronislawi Sowa, 1966
Leuctra carpathica Kis, 1966
Leuctra dalmoni Vinçon & MurányI, 2007
Leuctra digitata Kempny, 1899
Leuctra cf. fusca (Linnaeus, 1758) 10BOLD:ACY3863
Leuctra hippopus Kempny, 189970BOLD:ACL7184
Leuctra inermis Kempny, 1899
Leuctra major Brink, 194911BOLD:AAN1944
Leuctra mortoni Kempny, 1899
Leuctra moselyi Morton, 1929
Leuctra nigra (Olivier, 1811)60BOLD:AAK8665
Leuctra prima Kempny, 1899
Leuctra pseudosignifera Aubert, 1954 10BOLD:ACB2495
Leuctra pusilla Krno, 1985
Leuctra quadrimaculata Kis, 1963
Leuctra rauscheri Aubert, 195770BOLD:ADQ7716
Leuctra rosinae Kempny, 1900 41BOLD:ACB1945
Leuctra sp.30BOLD:ADS4550
Amphinemura borealis (Morton, 1894)
Amphinemura standfussi (Ris, 1902)
Amphinemura sulcicollis (Stephens, 1836)
Amphinemura triangularis (Ris, 1902)
Nemoura avicularis Morton, 1894
Nemoura babiagorensis Sowa, 1964
Nemoura cambrica Stephens, 1836
Nemoura carpathica Illies, 1963
Nemoura cinerea (Retzius, 1783)
Nemoura dubitans Morton, 1894
Nemoura flexuosa Aubert, 1949
Nemoura fusca Kis, 1963
Nemoura marginata Pictet, 1835
Nemoura monticola Raušer, 1965
Nemoura sciurus Aubert, 1949
Nemoura uncinata Despax, 1934
Nemurella pictetii Klapálek, 1900 184BOLD:AAF0555
Protonemura aestiva Kis, 1965
Protonemura auberti Illies, 1954 50BOLD:AAH7653
Protonemura austriaca Theischinger, 1976 11BOLD:ADQ8628
Protonemura autumnalis Raušer, 1956
Protonemura brevistyla (Ris, 1902)
Protonemura hrabei Raušer, 1956 22BOLD:ADR0060
Protonemura intricata (Ris, 1902) 20BOLD:AAM9758
Protonemura montana Kimmins, 1941
Protonemura nimborum (Ris, 1902)
Protonemura nitida (Pictet, 1835)
Protonemura praecox (Morton, 1894)
Agnetina elegantula (Klapálek, 1905)
Dinocras cephalotes (Curtis, 1827)
Dinocras megacephala (Klapálek, 1907)
* Marathamea vitripennis (Burmeister, 1839)
Perla abdominalis Burmeister, 1839
Perla bipunctata Pictet, 1833
Perla grandis Rambur, 184211BOLD:AAL2358
Perla marginata (Panzer, 1799) 11BOLD:AAL2357
Perla pallida Guerin-Méneville, 1838
Arcynopteryx dichroa (McLachlan, 1872)
Diura bicaudata (Linnaeus, 1758) 80BOLD:AAY9944
Isogenus nubecula Newman, 1833
Isoperla buresi Raušer, 1962
Isoperla difformis (Klapálek, 1909)
Isoperla grammatica (Poda, 1761) 10BOLD:AAY9655
I. grammatica10BOLD:AED0481
Isoperla obscura (Zetterstedt, 1840)
Isoperla cf. oxylepis (Despax, 1936) 100BOLD:AAN2092
Isoperla pawlowski Wojtas, 1961
Isoperla rivulorum (Pictet, 1841)
Isoperla sudetica (Kolenati, 1859)
Isoperla tripartita Illies, 1954
Isoperla sp. 190BOLD:ADS2063
Isoperla sp. 230BOLD:ADS2958
Isoperla sp. 3160BOLD:ADS3879
Perlodes dispar (Rambur, 1842)
Perlodes intricatus (Pictet, 1841)
Perlodes microcephalus (Pictet, 1833)
Brachyptera braueri (Klapálek, 1900)
Brachyptera monilicornis (Pictet, 1841)
Brachyptera risi (Morton, 1896) 191BOLD:AAI8345
Brachyptera seticornis (Klapálek, 1902) 103BOLD:AAY5851
Brachyptera starmachi Sowa, 1966
Rhabdiopteryx cf. acuminata Klapálek, 190533BOLD:ADQ2407
Rhabdiopteryx cf. hamulata Klapálek, 1902 33BOLD:ADP7991
Rhabdiopteryx navicula Theischinger, 1974
Rhabdiopteryx neglecta (Albarda, 1889)
Taeniopteryx auberti Kis & Sowa, 1964 11BOLD:ACB1944
Taeniopteryx nebulosa (Linnaeus, 1758)
Taeniopteryx schoenemundi (Mertens, 1923)
* extinct

Authors of pictures: Matej Žiak, Fedor Čiampor, Zuzana Čiamporová-Zaťovičová, Tomáš Čejka

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