Beetles (Coleoptera) are the largest, originally terrestrial, insect order with a complete metamorphosis. They invaded the aquatic environment to secondarily, thanks to adaptations allowing storing and keeping the oxygen underwater. Aquatic beetles occur in three of the four sub-orders (Adephaga, Polyphaga, Myxophaga). They live on all continents except Antarctica, however the highest proportion of the diversity is concentrated in the tropics. The beetles are characterized by huge variability of morphological features as well as ecological preferences. About 12.500 aquatic beetle species are now known worldwide, more than 350 species from 15 families are reported from Slovakia. Among them Dytiscidae and Hydrophilidae are the most numerous.


species of water beetles barcoded from Slovakia

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  • Patrik Macko (MSc. student)
  • doc. Ján Kodada (expert on Coleoptera)
  • Dr. Csabai Zoltán (expert on Coleoptera)


  • Rúfusová et al. 2017
  • Šporka, F., et al. 2003
  • Mišíková Elexová, E. et al. 2010
  • Mišíková Elexová, E. et al. 2015

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Tanysphyrus ater Blatchley, 1928
Tanysphyrus lemnae (Paykull, 1792)
Bagous alismatis (Marsham, 1802)
Bagous argillaceus Gyllenhal, 1836
Bagous bagdatensis Pic, 1904
Bagous binodulus (Herbst, 1795)
Bagous collignensis (Herbst, 1797)
Bagous czwalinai Seidlitz, 1891
Bagous dieckmanni Gratshev, 1993
Bagous frit (Herbst, 1795)
Bagous frivaldszkyi Tournier, 1847
Bagous glabrirostris (Herbst, 1795)
Bagous limosus (Gyllenhal, 1827)
Bagous longitarsis Thomson, 1868
Bagous lutosus (Gyllenhal, 1813)
Bagous lutulentus (Gyllenhal, 1813)
Bagous lutulosus Gyllenhal, 1827
Bagous majzlani (Kodada, Holecová & Behne, 1992)
Bagous nodulosus Gyllenhal, 1836
Bagous petro (Herbst, 1795)
Bagous puncticollis Boheman, 1845
Bagous robustus Brisout, 1863
Bagous subcarinatus Gyllenhal, 1836
Bagous tempestivus (Herbst, 1795)
Bagous tubulus Caldara & O'Brien, 1994
Bagous validus Rosenhauer, 1847
Eubrychius velutus (Beck, 1817)
Pelenomus canaliculatus (Fahraeus, 1846)
Phytobius leucogaster (Marsham, 1802)
Dryops anglicanus Edwards, 1909
Dryops auriculatus (Geoffroy, 1785)
Dryops ernesti Des Gozis, 1886
Dryops griseus (Erichson, 1847)
Dryops luridus (Erichson, 1847)
* Dryops lutulentus (Erichson, 1847)
Dryops nitidulus (Heer, 1841)
Dryops rufipes (Krynicki, 1832)
Dryops similaris Bollow, 1936
Dryops striatellus (Fairmaire & Brisout, 1859)
Dryops striatopunctatus (Heer, 1841)
Dryops viennensis (Castelnau, 1840)
Pomatinus substriatus (Müller, 1806)
Acilius canaliculatus (Nicolai, 1822)
Acilius sulcatus (Linnaeus, 1758) 33BOLD:AAJ7409
Agabus affinis (Paykull, 1798)11BOLD:ACA6180
Agabus biguttatus (Olivier, 1795) 11BOLD:ACZ0902
Agabus bipustulatus (Linnaeus, 1767) 1310BOLD:AAJ7363
Agabus congener (Thunberg, 1794) 2018BOLD:ABZ7453
Agabus fuscipennis (Paykull, 1798)
Agabus guttatus (Paykull, 1798) 11BOLD:AAJ7366
Agabus labiatus (Brahm, 1790)
Agabus melanarius Aubé, 183643BOLD:AAQ3528
Agabus nebulosus (Forster, 1771)
Agabus paludosus (Fabricius, 1801) 22BOLD:ACZ1403
Agabus striolatus (Gyllenhal, 1808)
Agabus sturmii (Gyllenhal, 1808) 1010BOLD:AAJ1337
Agabus uliginosus (Linnaeus, 1761)
Agabus undulatus (Schrank, 1776) 11BOLD:AAJ7357
Agabus unguicularis (Thomson, 1867)
Bidessus delicatulus (Schaum, 1844)
Bidessus grossepunctatus Vorbringer, 1907
Bidessus nasutus Sharp, 1887
Bidessus unistriatus (Goeze, 1777)
Colymbetes fuscus (Linnaeus, 1758)33BOLD:AAJ7718
Colymbetes striatus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Clemnius decoratus (Gyllenhal, 1810)
Cybister lateralimarginalis (DeGeer, 1774)
Deronectes latus (Stephens, 1829)
Deronectes platynotus (Germar, 1834)
Dytiscus circumcinctus Ahrens, 1811
Dytiscus circumflexus Fabricius, 1801
Dytiscus dimidiatus Bergsträsser, 1778
* Dytiscus latissimus Linnaeus, 1758
Dytiscus marginalis Linnaeus, 1758
Graphoderus austriacus (Sturm, 1834)
Graphoderus bilineatus (De Geer, 1774)
Graphoderus cinereus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Graphoderus zonatus (Hoppe, 1795)
Graptodytes bilineatus (Sturm, 1835)
Graptodytes granularis (Linnaeus, 1767)
Graptodytes pictus (Fabricius, 1787)
Hydaticus continentalis Balfour-Browne, 1944
Hydaticus grammicus (Germar, 1827)
Hydaticus seminiger (De Geer, 1774)
Hydaticus transversalis (Pontoppidan, 1763)
Hydroglyphus geminus (Fabricius, 1792)117BOLD:ABW5167
H. geminus32BOLD:AAI8689Hydroglyphus pusillus
Hydroporus angustatus Sturm, 1835
Hydroporus discretus Fairmaire & Brisout De Barneville, 185922BOLD:ACJ4790
* Hydroporus dobrogeanus Ienistea, 1962
Hydroporus dorsalis (Fabricius, 1787)
Hydroporus elongatulus Sturm, 1835
Hydroporus erythrocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758)11BOLD:AAK5638
Hydroporus ferrugineus Stephens, 1829128BOLD:ADH6074
Hydroporus foveolatus Heer, 1839
Hydroporus fuscipennis Schaum, 1868 11BOLD:AAC3600
Hydroporus incognitus Sharp, 1869 118BOLD:ABW4314
Hydroporus kraatzii Schaum, 1868
Hydroporus longicornis Sharp, 187121BOLD:ADL7838
Hydroporus marginatus (Duftschmid, 1805)
Hydroporus melanarius Sturm, 183544BOLD:ADD3192
H. melanarius87BOLD:ACX9814
Hydroporus memnonius Nicolai, 182266BOLD:AAX2774
Hydroporus morio Aubé, 183864BOLD:AAH0451
Hydroporus neglectus Schaum, 1845
Hydroporus nigrita (Fabricius, 1792)5339BOLD:ACG1546
Hydroporus notatus Sturm, 1835
Hydroporus obscurus Sturm, 183511BOLD:AAK5623
Hydroporus palustris Linnaeus, 17616458BOLD:AAF1076
Hydroporus planus (Fabricius, 1781) 66BOLD:AAK5626
Hydroporus rufifrons (O.F. Müller, 1776)
Hydroporus scalesianus Stephens, 1828
Hydroporus striola (Gyllenhal, 1826)
Hydroporus tristis (Paykull, 1798)21BOLD:AAY9510
Hydroporus umbrosus (Gyllenhal, 1808)
Hydroporus indet.11BOLD:ACO8526
Hydrovatus cuspidatus (Kunze, 1818)
Hygrotus confluens (Fabricius, 1787)21BOLD:ACB3028
Hygrotus impressopunctatus (Schaller, 1783) 117BOLD:AAH3828Coelambus impressopunctatus
Hygrotus inaequalis (Fabricius, 1776)
Hygrotus nigrolineatus (Steven, 1808)
Hygrotus parallellogrammus (Ahrens, 1812)
* Hygrotus quinquelineatus (Zetterstedt, 1828)
Hygrotus versicolor (Schaller, 1783)
Hyphydrus ovatus (Linnaeus, 1761)
Ilybius aenescens Thomson, 1870
Ilybius ater (DeGeer, 1774)
Ilybius chalconatus (Panzer, 1796)
Ilybius crassus Thomson, 185421BOLD:ACZ1418
Ilybius fenestratus (Fabricius, 1781)
Ilybius fuliginosus (Fabricius, 1792)11BOLD:AAF2567
Ilybius guttiger (Gyllenhal, 1808)
Ilybius neglectus (Erichson,1837)
Ilybius quadriguttatus (Lacordaire, 1835)
Ilybius similis Thomson, 1856
Ilybius subaeneus Erichson, 1837
Ilybius subtilis (Erichson, 1837)
Laccophilus hyalinus (De Geer, 1774)
Laccophilus minutus (Linnaeus, 1758)44BOLD:ACA9239
Laccophilus poecilus Klug, 1834
Laccornis kocae (Ganglbauer, 1904)
Laccornis oblongus (Stephens, 1835)
Liopterus haemorrhoidalis (Fabricius, 1787)
Nartus grapii (Gyllenhal, 1808)
Nebrioporus canaliculatus (Lacordaire, 1835)
Nebrioporus depressus (Fabricius, 1775)
Nebrioporus elegans (Panzer, 1794)
Oreodytes davisii (Curtis, 1831)
Oreodytes sanmarkii (Sahlberg, 1826)55BOLD:ACP5907
Oreodytes septentrionalis (Gyllenhal, 1827)
Platambus maculatus (Linnaeus, 1758)32BOLD:AAH9421
Porhydrus lineatus (Fabricius, 1775)
* Porhydrus obliquesignatus (Bielz, 1852)
Rhantus cf. bistriatus (Bergsträsser, 1778) 11BOLD:AAQ1027
Rhantus consputus (Sturm, 1834)
Rhantus exsoletus (Forster, 1771)
Rhantus frontalis (Marsham, 1802)
Rhantus incognitus Scholz, 1927
Rhantus latitans Sharp, 1882
Rhantus notaticollis (Aubé, 1837)
Rhantus suturalis (Macleay, 1825)32BOLD:AAL1282
Rhantus suturellus (Harris, 1828)
Scarodytes halensis (Fabricius, 1787)10BOLD:ACE3122
Stictotarsus duodecimpustulatus (Fabricius, 1792)
Elmis aenea (Müller, 1806)2221BOLD:AAF0074
Elmis latreillei Bedel, 187876BOLD:AAK9496
Elmis maugetii Latreille, 180233BOLD:AAF5034
Elmis obscura (Müller, 1806)77BOLD:AAK9497
Elmis rioloides (Kuwert, 1890)22BOLD:ABY6700
Esolus angustatus (Müller, 1821)
Esolus parallelepipedus (Müller, 1806)
Esolus pygmaeus (Müller, 1806)
Limnius intermedius Fairmaire, 1881
* Limnius muelleri (Erichson, 1847)
Limnius opacus Müller, 1806
Limnius perrisi (Dufour, 1843)1909BOLD:ACT8585
Limnius volckmari (Panzer, 1793)345BOLD:AAE6436
Macronychus quadrituberculatus Müller, 1806
* Normandia nitens (Müller, 1817)
Oulimnius tuberculatus (Müller, 1806)33BOLD:AAE5255
Potamophilus acuminatus (Fabricius, 1792)11BOLD:AAL0411
Riolus cupreus (Müller, 1806)
Riolus subviolaceus (Müller, 1817)
* Stenelmis canaliculata (Gyllenhal, 1808)
Stenelmis consobrina Dufour, 1835
Stenelmis puberula Reitter, 188722BOLD:ADC0416
* Aulonogyrus concinnus (Klug, 1834)
* Gyrinus colymbus Erichson, 1837
* Gyrinus distinctus Aubé, 1836
* Gyrinus marinus Gyllenhal, 1808
* Gyrinus minutus Fabricius, 1798
Gyrinus paykulli Ochs, 1927
Gyrinus substriatus Stephens, 1828
Gyrinus suffriani Scriba, 1855
Orectochilus villosus (O.F.Müller, 1776)
Brychius elevatus (Panzer, 1793)
Haliplus confinis Stephens, 1828
Haliplus flavicollis Sturm, 1834
Haliplus fluviatilis Aubé, 183611BOLD:AAK5259
Haliplus fulvicollis Erichson, 1837
Haliplus fulvus (Fabricius, 1801)
Haliplus furcatus Seidlitz, 1887
Haliplus heydeni Wehncke, 187544BOLD:AAN0965
Haliplus immaculatus Gerhardt, 1877
Haliplus laminatus (Schaller, 1783)
Haliplus lineatocollis (Marsham, 1802)43BOLD:AAI6901
Haliplus maculatus Motschulsky, 1860
Haliplus obliquus (Fabricius, 1787)11BOLD:AAQ0924
Haliplus ruficollis (De Geer, 1774)
Haliplus sibiricus Motschulsky, 1860
Haliplus variegatus Sturm, 1834
Peltodytes caesus (Duftschmid, 1805)
Aulacochthebius narentinus (Reitter, 1885)
Hydraena assimilis Rey, 1885
Hydraena belgica d'Orchymont, 1930
Hydraena britteni Joy, 1907
Hydraena dentipes Germar, 184222BOLD:ACO4068
Hydraena egoni Jäch, 1986
Hydraena excisa Kiesenwetter, 1849
Hydraena gracilis Germar, 182411BOLD:AAE4941
Hydraena hungarica Rey, 1884
Hydraena melas Dalla Torre, 187711BOLD:AAK5673
Hydraena minutissima Stephens, 1829
Hydraena morio Kiesenwetter, 1849
Hydraena nigrita Germar, 1824
Hydraena paganettii Ganglbauer, 1901
Hydraena palustris Erichson, 1837
Hydraena pulchella Germar, 1824
Hydraena pygmaea Waterhouse, 1833
Hydraena reyi Kuwert, 1888
Hydraena riparia Kugelann, 179422BOLD:ACO6020
Hydraena saga d'Orchymont, 193011BOLD:ACD7239
Hydraena schuleri Ganglbauer, 1901
Hydraena truncata Rey, 1885
Limnebius aluta Bedel, 1881
Limnebius atomus (Duftschmid, 1805)
Limnebius crinifer Rey, 1885
Limnebius nitidus (Marsham, 1802)
Limnebius papposus Mulsant, 1844
Limnebius parvulus (Herbst, 1797)
Limnebius stagnalis Guillebeau, 1890
Limnebius truncatellus (Thunberg, 1794)52BOLD:ACO5386
Ochthebius colveranus (Ferro, 1979)
Ochthebius crenulatus Mulsant & Rey, 1850
Ochthebius flavipes Dalla Torre, 1877
Ochthebius foveolatus Germar, 1824
Ochthebius gibbosus Germar, 1824
Ochthebius granulatus Mulsant, 1844
Ochthebius hungaricus Endrödy-Younga, 1967
Ochthebius lividipennis Peyron, 1858
Ochthebius melanescens Dalla Torre, 1877
Ochthebius meridionalis Rey, 1885
Ochthebius metallescens Rosenhauer, 1847
Ochthebius minimus (Fabricius, 1792)
Ochthebius pedicularius Kuwert, 1887
Ochthebius peisonis Ganglbauer, 1901
Ochthebius pusillus Stephens, 1835
Ochthebius rugulosus Wollaston, 1857
Ochthebius striatus (Castelnau, 1840)
Ochthebius viridis Peyron, 1858
Anacaena globulus (Paykull, 1798)
Anacaena limbata (Fabricius, 1792)
Anacaena lutescens (Stephens, 1829)1210BOLD:AAF4596
Berosus affinis Brullé, 1835
Berosus frontifoveatus Kuwert, 1888
Berosus geminus Reiche & Saulcy, 1856
Berosus luridus (Linnaeus, 1760)
Berosus signaticollis (Charpentier, 1825)
Berosus spinosus (Steven, 1808)
Chaetarthria seminulum (Herbst, 1797)
Crenitis punctatostriata (Letzner, 1840)
Crenitis indet.11BOLD:ADL7996
Cymbiodyta marginella (Fabricius, 1792)
Enochrus affinis (Thunberg, 1794)
Enochrus bicolor (Fabricius, 1792)
Enochrus coarctatus (Gredler, 1863)
Enochrus fuscipennis (Thomson, 1884)
Enochrus hamifer (Ganglbauer, 1901)
Enochrus melanocephalus (Olivier, 1792)
Enochrus ochropterus (Marsham, 1802)
Enochrus quadripunctatus (Herbst, 1797)
Enochrus testaceus (Fabricius, 1801)
Helochares lividus (Forster, 1771)
Helochares obscurus (O.F.Müller, 1776)22BOLD:AAF1432
Helophorus aequalis Thomson, 1868
Helophorus aquaticus (Linnaeus, 1758)55BOLD:ACB2902
Helophorus arvernicus Mulsant, 1846
Helophorus asperatus Rey, 188544BOLD:ACO4360
Helophorus brevipalpis Bedel, 188111BOLD:AAI6746
Helophorus brevitarsis Kuwert, 1890
Helophorus croaticus Kuwert, 1886
Helophorus dorsalis (Marsham, 1802)
Helophorus flavipes Fabricius, 179286BOLD:ACQ8899
Helophorus grandis Illiger, 1798
Helophorus granularis (Linnaeus, 1761)
Helophorus griseus Herbst, 179311BOLD:ACZ1257
Helophorus laticollis Thomson, 1853
Helophorus liguricus Angus, 1970
Helophorus longitarsis Wollaston, 1864
Helophorus micans Faldermann, 1835
Helophorus minutus Fabricius, 1775
Helophorus montenegrinus Kuwert, 188543BOLD:ADQ0234
Helophorus nanus Sturm, 1836
Helophorus nubilus Fabricius, 1777
Helophorus obscurus Mulsant, 1844
Helophorus paraminutus Angus, 1986
Helophorus pumilio Erichson, 1837
Helophorus redtenbacheri Kuwert, 1885
Helophorus strigifrons Thomson, 1868
Helophorus villosus Duftschmid, 1805
Hydrobius fuscipes (Linnaeus, 1758)32BOLD:AAC5899
Hydrochara caraboides (Linnaeus, 1758)11BOLD:AAK5577
Hydrochara flavipes (Steven, 1808)
Hydrochus angustatus Germar, 1824
Hydrochus brevis (Herbst, 1793)
Hydrochus crenatus (Fabricius, 1792)
Hydrochus elongatus (Schaller, 1783)
Hydrochus flavipennis Küster, 1852
Hydrochus ignicollis Motschulsky, 1860
Hydrochus megaphallus van Berge Henegouwen, 1988
Hydrophilus aterrimus Eschscholtz, 1822
Hydrophilus piceus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Laccobius albipes Kuwert, 1890
Laccobius alternus Motschulsky, 1855
Laccobius atratus Rottenberg, 1874
Laccobius bipunctatus (Fabricius, 1775)
Laccobius colon (Stephens, 1829)
Laccobius gracilis Motschulsky, 1855
Laccobius minutus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Laccobius neapolitanus Rottenberg, 1874
Laccobius obscuratus Rottenberg, 1874
Laccobius simulatrix d'Orchymont, 1932
Laccobius sinuatus Motschulsky, 1849
Laccobius striatulus (Fabricius, 1801)11BOLD:AAK8321
Laccobius syriacus Guillebeau, 1896
Laccobius thermarius Tournier, 1878
Laccobius varius Gentili, 1975
Limnoxenus niger (Gmelin, 1790)
Spercheus emarginatus (Schaller, 1783)
Noterus clavicornis (De Geer, 1774)11BOLD:AAI2519
Noterus crassicornis (O.F.Müller, 1776)
Contacyphon padi (Linnaeus, 1758)22BOLD:AAJ3273
Contacyphon punctipennis (Sharp, 1872)10BOLD:ACS1568
Elodes minuta (Linnaeus, 1767)
Hydrocyphon deflexicollis (P.W.J. Müller, 1821)
* species whose presence in Slovakia is questionable and need to be verified/confirmed

Authors of pictures: Matej Žiak, Fedor Čiampor, Zuzana Čiamporová-Zaťovičová, Tomáš Čejka

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