This year’s Spring Algological Meeting, which is traditionally organized by Dr. Alica Hindáková from the CBRB SAS within the Algological Section of the Slovak Botanical Society, in addition to specialized algological topics, also included talk about barcoding and metabarcoding. Feďo Čiampor (CBRB SAV) from the AquaBOL.SK team talked about our involvement in one of the biggest EU COST Actions – DNAqua-net, which identifies gaps in the reference libraries of aquatic biota DNA barcodes, analyzes the possibilities of using metabarcoding in monitoring freshwater and marine ecosystems in terms of WFD and MSFD, methodology, protocols, robust data analysis … He also outlined the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages and potential using of HTS (High Throughput Sequencing) methods in biomonitoring of Slovak waters.